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Protective flooring

What is Ecotekki protective flooring?

Protective flooring consists of strong plastic modules with integrated latching components to interconnect individual modules and form a single surface.

What is the purpose for protective flooring?

Protection of grass lawns, ice rinks and other surfaces from damage

Basic purpose for protective flooring is to protect grass, ice or other surface against damage or dirt during public events. In particular, this is essential for protection of football fields or ice arenas when you are having:

  • Town Day, concerts, corporate events or festivals;
  • Banquets;
  • Conference, presentation, trade shows, trade fairs;
  • Concerts, show;
  • Discos;
  • Parties or celebrations to protect landscape;
  • Concerts or other on-field events.
Ice rink prior to installation
Flooring installed on ice
Celebration was a success

Ecotekki is heavy-duty protective flooring, which is designed to support heavy loads. Having this feature our flooring protects surfaces against stress produced by really heavy structures or machines. Ecotekki flooring can support a heavy stage with all equipment, or running trucks and loaders. Loaders provide for easier and faster assembly and disassembly of protective flooring.

Football field is covered with Ecotekki Arena, and Ecotekki Ice is used for running track protection.

Temporary fields, walk- and roadways

Ecotekki protective flooring can be used where temporary fields, walkways for people and roadways for vehicles are required. It is also used in areas where soft ground prevents from use of soil without its additional fixing, i.e.:

  • For helipads;
  • During civil works;
  • For truck traffic via grass lawn to protect landscape.
  • For vehicle traffic on a soft soil.
  • When having concerts or other on-field events.

What flooring to choose?

Ecotekki Ice is designed for indoor applications where exposure to sensible temperature variations is excluded. Ecotekki Ice is designed to support heavier loads than Ecotekki Arena; therefore this flooring is good to place heavy machinery on.

Ecotekki Arena is suitable for open field applications. Its design provides for expansion clearance between the modules, which prevents from flooring lifting at temperature rise.

As mentioned above, the important protective flooring feature is a supported weight loading. To avoid manual handling during installation and disassembly it is necessary, for example, that it can support weigh of loaders driving on assembled sections and bringing new modules to the place of installation.

Product Specification

Parameters Ecotekki Event Ecotekki Ice
Module size, mm 914 x 225 х 34 609 x 152 x 20
Number of modules per m2, pcs. 4,9 10,8
Maximum load, t/m2 > 80 160
Temperature range, °С от -40°C to +40°C -
Colour black, grey green, grey, dark blue
Weigh of 1 module, kg 1,1 1,85


In general, installation of protective flooring Ecotekki is not complicated; however, for large fields and ice arenas, where module trimming is required, we recommend using installation supervisor services.

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